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Mid-Year Survey Shows Sales Up, Expansion Underway and a Tech-Driven Evolution in Progress

Outlook for Retail and Retail Real Estate Is Bullish The results of our annual mid-year Retail Sentiment Survey are in and theres positive activity on virtually every front. The survey queries managers within our 95-property, 13 million-square-foot shopping center portfolio regarding key performance indicators. Solid Growth in Sales Reported [...]

Four Retail Real Estate Trends Aim to Score with Shoppers

Can You Corner Grab While Theme Parkifying and Side Selling?  There are some new buzzwords in the retail real estate world that you’ll want to add to your business vocabulary. As might be expected, they’ve got an edgy quality that gives a new gloss to trends you might have seen stirring for a while in one form or another. In a recent intervie [...]

A New Generation of Tenants Revives Retail Leasing

Today’s Movers and Shakers Succeed with New Approaches With demand for retail leasing from national, local and franchise companies heating up in the Northeast, it’s a good time to take a look at the movers and shakers defining the next generation of tenancy. Though these companies span a range of categories, they all share a bold new vision t [...]

What Always Stays in Vegas is Reinvention

A Convention Capital, Revived and Renewed, Hosts ICSC RECon for the 30th Consecutive Year  Retail real estate professionals from around the world—a projected 30,000-plus—are set to stream through McCarran Airport next week, heading for the annual ICSC RECon at the Las Vegas Convention Center. They’ll be among the 36 million people expected to [...]

Tech-Driven Marketing Continues as Top Retail Trend

Platforms Roll Out New Features to Connect Shoppers and Merchants The second quarter of 2015 has just begun and already we are beginning to see those New Year’s marketing predictions evolving into actual retail and retail real estate trends. We could start with all that’s happening with mobile but that platform has moved out of trend status i [...]

Great Expectations: The “Omnis” Want it All and Right Now

Omnichannel’s Next Big Challenge: A Retail Trend is Evolving Omnichannel is now the name of the game. Successful players have created (or in the process of creating) the consistent shopping experience that links online with brick and mortar for a seamless presentation of message and offers. But there’s never any resting on laurels. Here comes [...]

In Hyper-Competitive Retail Environment Branding is Critical

Branding is a Retail Trend That’s Here to Stay…At Least for Now The current year, though only a quarter of the way through, looks a lot like the preceding one. Even though the economy continues to chug forward, most shoppers remain hyper-vigilant about value. For most retailers that means that promotion will be the marketing strategy of choic [...]

Here Come the Cybrids: Omnichannel Shoppers on Steroids

Demographic Retail Real Estate Trend Offers New Chances and Challenges Meet the Cybrids, the youngest subset of the mammoth Millennial generation. Walter Loeb, former head of the NRF, retail consultant and blogger identified this distinct demographic in his blog ( [...]

Curation: The Future of Retail (And The Past)

A Trend Goes from Bricks to Clicks Then Back to Bricks Again A few years ago, The Motley Fool, the online stock advisor, proclaimed that “the future of retail is curation.” True, but it’s also its past. The pioneering department stores launched in the late 19th century were all about curation – selecting market-oriented merchandise and organi [...]

Annual Post-Holiday Survey: Seasonal Cap Positive Year

Retailers Ramping Up Staffing and Tech-Related Marketing for 2015 The results of our annual Post-Holiday Retail Sentiment Survey are in and the news is good. Participating store managers in our 95-property, 13.0 million-square-foot shopping center portfolio reported a healthy rise in both yearly and holiday sales and traffic. Optimistic as a [...]