Levin Property Managers Name Their Favorite Tech Tools

Tablets, Numbers App and Paperless Invoicing Lead the List for Efficient Real Estate Property Management

Recently Levin asked the Property Managers of our 95 retail real estate sites how technology has made them more efficient. Which tools are indispensable in delivering top quality property management services? How has tech helped them cut costs and save time? We’d like to share the responses with you. First, we’ll look at the four tech products that make our managers’ jobs easier and second, we’ll see what tech innovations are making Levin’s retail properties operate more efficiently.

iPads, Tablets are Indispensable to Real Estate Property Management Today
It’s not always the latest piece of tech innovation that makes the list of favorites. Our Property Managers named iPads and other brands of tablets as the must-have, on-the-job product. First released to the market four years ago (with several updates), these portable computers mean in-the-field reporting can happen quickly and easily. No more taking notes, returning to the office to write them up, and then circulating them. Tablets cut steps and save time.

File Sharing is a Favorite of Levin Property Managers
Dropbox and iCloud, tech tools that allow access to files by multiple parties, are also clear winners among our managers in the field. A recent fire at one of Levin’s properties demonstrated the value of Dropbox. The Property Manager took pictures of the damaged areas with his iPad, then loaded the pictures directly into Dropbox for review by the property owners, their insurance company and any other relevant parties. File storage in iCloud serves a similar purpose, especially among our internal Levin staff.

Spreadsheets Straight from the Field with the Numbers App
Apple’s Numbers app, which works on both iOS and Android platforms, helps our managers create spreadsheets and charts right on their tablets. Easier to use than Excel in a field situation, Numbers has become an essential part of every manager’s tech toolkit.

Paperless Invoicing Means More Efficient Real Estate Property Management
AvidXchange, web-based software for end-to-end invoicing, has streamlined our managers’ accounts payable processing. Everything from the original vendor statement up to its payment is paper free. Processing time, including review and approval, is cut drastically, and the status can be checked on the computer from anywhere. And AvidXchange is fully integrated with Levin’s accounting system. What’s not to like?

Technology is not only making our Property Managers’ lives easier, it’s also helping them run our Levin-managed sites with greater efficiency and lower operating costs. What tech trends are you seeing in Retail Property Management? Please share your comments with us here on Retail Property InSites.


About Robert Carson:
Executive VP Robert Carson, CSM, oversees coordination for Levin’s client properties and is instrumental in transitioning new management assignments to the Levin team. He plays a key role in the firm’s day-to-day operations, and, as an environmental issues expert, he oversees management of issues such as asbestos in older buildings and specialized tenant uses, like dry cleaning. Carson joined Levin in 1992 as Director of Property Management after serving as General Manager for retail properties owned by Hartz Mountain Industries. Prior to that, he managed an enclosed mall for the DeBartolo Corporation. Carson began his career as a buyer for Gimbels Department Stores. He received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is an ICSC-Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM).


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