Positioning Retail Real Estate for a New Generation

Solutions for Tenants/Occupiers
Levin Management has been working with retail and commercial tenants for more than six decades. Just as importantly and for just as long, we have been working to gain the highest competitive positioning for our clients’ shopping centers. We understand that the most successful properties attract the right tenants and the most consumer traffic – and that these two components are closely linked.

Our leasing representatives are market experts. They place creating the right tenant mix above simply filling space. They understand local demographics and know which categories are under (or over) served. And because Levin maintains a large market share – some 100 properties totaling more than 14 million square feet – we can offer multiple opportunities within our own portfolio.

Levin’s property management team is responsible for ensuring that each property entrusted to our company meets the highest standards. What the consumer sees and feels at a property dictates whether or not they want to shop there. At the same time, keeping CAM costs in line is a top priority. Levin works diligently to secure the best services at the best prices, without sacrificing quality.



The key to the financial success of all investment real estate is the ability of the owner to obtain and retain tenants at appropriate market economics. Our leasing representatives are market experts, and they place creating the right tenant mix above simply filling space.

Property Management

Over the years, we have assisted retailers such as IKEA, Stop & Shop and Kohl’s in managing their real estate holdings and/or providing our high-quality property management for their common area responsibilities or monitoring vacant assets. We employ the same standards we use for landlords, by focusing on cost effectiveness and establishing the appropriate scope of work, and then competitively bidding the required services.